Appendix 4: Running & Judging Kingdom A&S Competitions

The following are guidelines for running and judging Kingdom A&S Competitions

  • There should be a closing time for entry and judging for each Kingdom Competition
  • There is no minimum entry for a competition to go ahead
  • Entries cannot be retrieved from the Competition before the advertised Judging time has finished
  • All entries, regardless of the number of entries in a competition, shall be commented on.
    • Judges should be asked to fill out the Judges Comment Form which is returned to the entrant.  Feedback is important to the entrants.
  • Multiple entries are allowed
  • Group entries – all members of the group get the same score
  • Performing arts entries should be less than 10 minutes, unless otherwise advertised.
    • A video, vcd or DVD is allowed if the entrant cannot make it to the event
    • The video entry, written documentation and completed forms should be sent at entrants expense, to the A&S Officer organising the competition, at LEAST 2 weeks before the event
    • The entrant is responsible for ensuring the entry arrives and for organising for it’s return.
    • The entrant is responsible for checking the format in which the entry can be viewed by the judges
    •  The A&S Officer will not be liable for loss of the entry.
  • Research papers should be sent to the A&S Officer in charge of the Kingdom A&S competition, at lease 2 weeks before the event
  • Entry forms must be filled out in full by the entrant
  • An entry can only be used once in Kingdom A&S competitions, if it has won a prize previously in a Kingdom level competition.  This does not exclude it from being entered in other non-Kingdom A&S competitions
  • Entry forms and Judging forms shall be returned to the KMoAS within 2 weeks of the event
  • Each Championship goes from May Crown to 12th Night Coronation, with the winner being announced at the following May Crown event
  • The winner of the A&S Championship is the entrant with the highest overall score, whether or not they have won each individual competition
  • Maximum points, per judge is 50.  There are minimum 2 judges per competition.  Total per entrant is the average (out of 50)
  • Entries are marked out of the following:-
    • Documentation – max 10 (if there is no documentation, this is 0)
    • Authenticity – max 10
    • Creativity – max 10
    • Presentation – max 10
    • Complexity / Skill – max 10



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