Upcoming Lochac A&S Competitions

Twelfth Night LI (2017) hosted by Barony of Politarchopolis

A nautical item
Any medium, any period.

Ideas: Navigation item, rope, bucket, safety, every day tools, etc.

An item for the hands, head or feet
Any medium, any period.

Ideas: Gloves, shoes, socks, comb, brush, pattens etc.

Something to carry liquid in
Any medium, any period.

Ideas: for a journey, in the home, at work.

May Crown LI (2017) hosted by Shire of Abertridwr

A piece of illumination 
Any medium, any period.
Able to be consumed
Open category. Any item able to be consumed (safely) by humans.

Ideas: period food, drinks, medicines

NOTE: WA has restrictions on honey and fresh fruits and vegetables entering the state. Check WA quarantine FAQ site for details.

Concept for a period event
Research a period event and then explain how it could be run as an SCA event in the future.

Ideas: a tournament format, feast service, May games, guild festivals, a balls (dances, social setting, music, time of day, etc), a play, a tavern (the food, table set-up, pastimes available, etc.)

Future Competition categories will be announced in December 2016.

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