Facebook has emerged as the primary way that special interest groups in Lochac informally stay in touch. Here is an incomplete list of known to us facebook groups. If a group is listed a “public” then you can read the group posts without needing to log into Facebook.

Note that “closed group” means that posts to the group won’t be seen by anyone not in the group (i.e. it won’t spam up your friends’ facebook feed), not that it is closed to new members. All of these groups will accept legitimate members of the Kingdom.

If you have a group you’d like listed, then please email us.

Lochac-wide groups

Lochac A&S discussion and showcase – A place for Lochac to share their experiences, questions and inspiration around arts and sciences. Share pictures! Share your research! – Closed Group

Lochac Lids – promoting “irresponsible hat wearing within the SCA context”. – Public Group

Lochac Largesse Swap – a group encouraging creation of items as gifts for members of the populace – Closed Group

Lochac Costumers – Closed Group

Lochac Research and Documentation – Closed Group

Lochac Company of Foragers – Closed Group

Lochac Cheese Makers – Public Group

Lederhausen – information and resources about leatherworking in Lochac – Closed Group

Lochac Musicians and Performers – Support others and get support in making music and performing in all ways in the SCA in Lochac – Public Group

Lochac Scriptorium – A discussion group for SCA scribes in Australia and New Zealand, and those who appreciate medieval calligraphy and illumination. 

Lochac Guilds

Worshipful Company of Broderers – Closed Group

Lochac Cooks Guild – Public Group

Lochac Fibre Guild – Unofficial group – Closed Group

Catering to a specific group in Lochac

Rowany Costuming Collective – Public Group

Rowany Fibre Group – Closed Group

Mordenvale Arts & Sciences – Closed Group


Artisans of the Society for Creative Anachronism – Public Group

Realm of Venus – clothing and accessories of the men and women of late 15th to 16th century Italy. Run by an Anealan, but has a strong international membership

Medieval Low Countries Reenactment – Public Group

SCA Period Encampment – Public Group

SCA Iberia – Public Group

SCA Landsknecht – Public Group