Welcome to the Lochac home page for the Arts & Sciences in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  These pages are designed to help local Arts & Sciences Officers of Lochac by providing information, help and hopefully some inspiration.

We are very fortunate that Lochac is so active in Arts & Sciences.  Competitions may be the ‘public’ face of Arts & Sciences, but importantly, A&S information is available from the Guilds  and Collegia class notes are being posted to the Virtual Collegium.

In these pages you will find information on the upcoming Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competitions and the results of the competitions, contact details for Kingdom Arts & Sciences Officers, the A&S Handbook (information for Arts & Sciences officers) and the Guidelines for Combat Display.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, questions, ideas or suggestions.

Duenna Catalina de Gata

Upcoming Competitions
at a glance

May Crown

(Aneala, Perth, WA)
9th - 11thMay 2014

Reconstructing a Movement)(Dance, Theatre, Fighting, Juggling, Period Sports, etc. Researching and Recreating particular Movements from Historical Sources.)

Footwear(Shoes, Socks, Hose, etc)

Item for an Archer(Bow, arrows, quiver, vambrace, etc)

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