Guilds of Lochac

A Guild is a group focused on researching and practicing a particular historical skill, or set of historical skills. They are open to anyone to join, and can be a great way to connect with other people who share your interests. Each one is run a little differently, so for details, contact that guild directly.

If there isn’t an active guild focused on your area of interest, try visiting the ‘Lochac A&S Discussion and Showcase’ Facebook group and checking out the pinned list of A&S-related groups, which cover everything from cheese-making to fletching.

Currently active guilds

Brewing: the Brewers, Vintners and Imbibers Guild

“The role of the guild is to encourage and foster the various brewing arts and to also encourage responsible production, serving, and consumption of products produced by our members.”

Calligraphy & Illumination: the College and Confraternity of Scribes and Illuminators

“The College supports and encourages research, teaching and practice of the medieval scribal arts, recruits and train scribes, produces Award scrolls for the people of the Kingdom, and facilitates production of other documents such as charters, fealties, and credentials.”

Cooking: the Cooks’ Guild

“The purpose of this guild shall be to: Practice cooking in the style of the Medieval and Renaissance periods; further research and study of period cooking; make available information on all aspects of period cooking as it pertains to the Society for Creative Anachronism; and maintain an index of information and period resources.”

Dancing: the Guild of the Silver Rondel

“The Guild of the Silver Rondel is the dance guild in the Kingdom of Lochac. The Guild encourages pre-17th century dancing, holds competitions, and holds the Bal d’ Argent: the social dance event of the year.”

Embroidery: the Worshipful Company of Broderers

“The aim of the Company is to advance the study and practice of pre-1600 AD European needlework in Lochac and in the Known World.”

Gardening: the Herb & Garden Guild

“The Guild aims to further the research and study of period herbalism and gardening, and make available information on aspects of period herbalism, horticulture and gardens.”

Rapier combat: the Guild Of Defence

“The Guild is dedicated to the promotion, teaching and learning of the art and science of fence with the civilian weapons, and the research of the ancient schools or treatise of fence.”

Woodworking: the Woodwrights Guild

“Helping to support woodworkers in Lochac in their quest to make stuff out of wood.”

Science and medicine: The Alchemist’s Guild

“The pre-eminent group of all things pre-1600CE science and medicine.


Previously Active Guilds

Sometimes, due to lack of members or lack of volunteer officers, a guild becomes inactive. However, they are still part of our history, and their websites can still hold some gems. Some guilds that have previously been active in Lochac are: