Kingdom A&S Officers

Arts and Sciences around the kingdom is coordinated by the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, their deputies, and the many wonderful local A&S Officers in groups across the kingdom. 


Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (KMoAS) –

Responsible for promoting and supporting A&S across the kingdom, and ensuring Kingdom Law is followed in areas relevant to A&S. This includes appointing local A&S officers, collecting and compiling quarterly reports, and coordinating Kingdom A&S Competitions. 

Currently held by Lady Gwen verch David


Deputies (Current)

Cockatrice Editor: Responsible for producing, publishing, and promoting the Kingdom A&S journal, Cockatrice. For more information, see the Cockatrice website

Currently held by Lord Bjorn Saemundarson


Advisor for Virtual A&S Activities: Responsible for collecting and sharing resources and advice on the running of online A&S activities.

Currently vacant. Please apply to the KMoAS if you are interested in this role.


Laurel Liason: A member of the Order of the Laurel who works with the KMoAS (if the KMoAS is not a member of that Order) to coordinate any projects that need input from the Laurel Council. This can include competition categories and judging, issues raised in local A&S reports, or issues raised by the Order.

Currently vacant. Please apply to the KMoAS if you are interested in this role.


Other Deputy Roles

Kingdom A&S Deputies are not proscribed in Kingdom Law; rather, they are appointed by the KMoAS depending on the needs of the kingdom and the office holder. These roles are currently vacant, but they have been held in the past and may be held again in the future.

Deputy for Competitions: Responsible for coordinating Kingdom A&S competitions and making sure they run smoothly.

Deputy for Guilds: Oversees administration and reporting for Lochac’s guilds, and acts as advisor or mediator if necessary. Ideally, they should have prior experience as a Guild master or mistress of a Guild of Lochac.