The current Kingdom Minister for Arts and Sciences is Mistress Victoria Thrakeses, OL. You can contact her via the official contact address for the KMoAS:

Contact details for group officers should be available on the group’s website (use your google-fu!).

All Officers in the SCA are volunteers, so allow about a week for email correspondence. If you have an urgent question, then you can try to contact the KMoAS via the Lochac A&S Showcase and Discussion facebook group.

One Comment on “Contacting Arts & Sciences Officers

  1. Gillucan ua Tomaltaig/Stephen Drane

    Hail, Mistress Victoria!

    At the recent Stormhold 30th Anniversary event I was talking about a Kingdom A&S competition I entered back in AS XLIX. It was judged at November Crown, and the category was “Period Headwear”. Although I remember those details, I don’t recall much else. I don’t think I won, but who did? How competitive was my entry? This is a hole in my memory I would be pleased to fill.

    Are there records that could shed some light on this matter? I’ve consulted the Grand Omniscient Oracle of Greatly Lopsided Effectiveness, but they don’t seem to have any information for me. As A&S Minister, might you have better luck? I’m aware that the competition was likely run by the predecessor of your predecessor.

    If you can help me, well and good! If not, thank you for all the work you’re putting into encouraging A&S in the Kingdom. Combat is all well and good, but you never know what interesting things you’ll find when you delve into an Art and/or Science!

    Lord Gillucan ua Tomaltaig

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