Have you noticed someone’s efforts in the Arts & Sciences in Lochac? Want to recommend them for recognition to the Crown, but not sure what options are available? Before you read any further, check they don’t already have the award by searching on Canon Lore, Lochac’s awards database.

Kingdom A&S awards

General Arts & Sciences awards:

  1. Award of Arms level: The Order of the Star and Lily. “The Order of the Star and Lily may be offered to those the Crown finds deserving of honour, for achievement in the Arts & Sciences.”
  2. Grant of Arms level: The Order of the Cockatrice. “The Order of the Cockatrice may be given to those who have distinguished themselves over time by showing outstanding skill in the Arts & Sciences. They shall also have demonstrated chivalry, courtesy and courtly behaviour.”
  3. Patent of Arms Level: The Order of the Laurel. “The Laurel is given to those who show true excellence in the arts and/or sciences. Peers must also support the Crown and kingdom, display courteous and noble behaviour, share their knowledge and skills with others, practice hospitality according to their means, and those skills and behaviours appropriate to the court.”

Specific Arts & Sciences awards:

These awards are given for specific aspects of Arts and Sciences in Lochac:

  1. The Taillefer (formerly Prix Jongleur): “The Taillefer (formerly Prix Jongleur) is given to those who by way of performance consistently entertain the populace of the Kingdom.”
  2. The Order of Prometheus: “The order of Prometheus is given for excellence in teaching.” (note this can be for any sort of teaching, it is not restricted to A&S)
  3. The Order of the Golden Poyntel: “The Order of the Golden Poyntel may be bestowed upon those the Crown finds deserving of honour, for achievement and or service in the the Scribal Arts for the Lochac College of Scribes”
  4. The Silver Helm (formerly the Shining Helm): “The Silver Helm (formerly the Shining Helm) is given to those combatants who consistently present a good looking and period appearance on the field.”

More information on Lochac Awards is available on Canon Lore

Local A&S Awards

Some Baronies have their own Arts & Sciences awards. It is appropriate to recommend individuals for local achievement in the Arts and Sciences, by writing to the local Baron and Baroness. These awards are:

Barony of Rowany – Order of the Rowan Berries

Making a Recommendation

Recommendations should be in writing and should include:

  • the date
  • your SCA name, legal name
  • which group you belong to
  • the SCA name (and preferably legal name) of the person whom you are recommending
  • the group to which the person belongs
  • what the person has done to deserve the recommendation
  • the award for which you are recommending the person.  If you are unsure, then this will be decided upon, after looking at their persons achievements.