Establishing a Guild

In Lochac, new guilds form in response to a shared interest by a number of people in a particular area of the Arts and Sciences which is not already covered by an existing guild, and a desire to develop this interest together in a more structured way than a household or group of friends might. Anyone may start or administer a guild: there is no requirement to be a Peer, and Officer or even a paid member of the SCAA Inc. (although of course the latter is strongly encouraged).

Arts and Sciences Guilds are considered Kingdom-wide entities and membership must remain open to all who wish to join. No-one is obligated to join a guild in order to practice any Art or Science if they do not wish to do so.

Guilds in Lochac have traditionally had enormous freedom in determining how they operate, although the ideal of a historical basis should be borne in mind. By this stage, a proposed guild should have an idea of the following:

  • Range and scope of activity in the Arts and Sciences. Guilds usually have a broad base (cooking, embroidery, painting etc) to allow its members to explore many avenues in an art.
  • How it will organize its operation and activities: regular meetings or events, appointment of officers and rankings, charter/ordinances/guidelines.
  • Any other activities: newsletter, email list, competitions, gifts, a Patron to inspire the guild, etc.

Officially establishing a guild is a simple process:

  • An announcement of formation is published in the Kingdom newsletter Pegasus, and on the Lochac email list if possible, to notify the populace and attract potential new members. This announcement could also be published in the Arts and Sciences magazine Cockatrice, and local newsletters and email lists to reach the widest possible audiences.
  • The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences should also be informed of the formation of a new guild, with the contact details of the Master (or other designated contact person), and any other relevant information. Guilds are encouraged to send a report of their activities to the Arts and Sciences Officer at least once per year.

Once established, a guild may:

  • Register a badge for use; this badge should be registered to an individual, as is College of Heralds policy. They are encouraged to develop pageantry, livery and regalia as appropriate.
  • Open a bank account to handle funds if necessary. Please note in this case that the guild must appoint a financial officer (Reeve, Beadle), and must abide by Australian financial regulations. The financial officer must provide a report to the Kingdom Exchequer by 31st July annually.