Why Enter Competitions?

In a survey about A&S in Lochac in AS51, we asked people why they valued A&S competitions. They told us they value A&S competitions:

  • To get feedback on their work and improve it

I think they are great for those who are able to enter something and get feedback on how they are going and what they could do to improve their craft;

  • To stretch themselves and try new skills

A way of stretching myself. Of putting my ego and the line and showing my work outside my own Barony;

  • To see what Lochac artisans are making and ensure the Kingdom recognises them

These are a great way to show off the depth of the knowledge and abilities we have learned: a little like entering an exhibit into competition at the Royal Easter Show, so to speak.

What was missing from this list was “winning”. Perhaps three people out of 236 said that winning was an incentive for them.

I would enter but not worried about winning; I don’t like competing

The Kingdom competition format, and advice on this site, has been designed to ensure our competitions give these benefits to entrants, judges, and the populace at large.