Guild Administrator – This is the person who takes care of the day to day
running of the guild – maintaining a central record of members and
rankings and so on as described in the guild’s charter.  Guilds may
specify an alternative title for their Guild Administrator in their
charter (eg Guild Master, Guild Secretary).  All guild members are
eligible to hold the office of Guild Administrator unless the charter
restricts this office to certain classes of guild members.

Types of Guilds: Guilds and Royal Guilds.

All Recognised Guilds get:

A listing in the Guild Guide

A website on the Lochac server

A mailing list on the Lochac server

They must:

Submit an acceptable charter to the A&S Minister and publish it on their

In Addition Royal Guilds get:

One or both of the Crown as a Royal Patron, their charter must specify which.

The right to name themselves a Royal Guild or Livery Company or one the
alternatives listed on the A&S website.

In return for performing a service for the Crown or Kingdom as specified
in their charter.

The following are considered to be clauses of the charters of ALL
recognised guilds in Lochac. They are to be enforced by the members of the
guild. Appeals may be made to the Lochac A&S Minister.

1.       The Guild Administrator’s office will fall vacant at MAY CROWN
each year (Unless otherwise specified in the guild’s charter).   A guild
may choose to set limits on how many consecutive terms an Administrator
can apply for.

2.       A month before the above date the current Administrator will call
for nominations for the position.  All nominees will be announced to the
guild’s membership on the email list two weeks later and voted on the
mailing list.  The vote will be decided by a simple majority of those who
respond to the poll over the course of a week’s time. The same time line
should be followed if a an administrator resigns early. The result of this
vote should be reported to the Kingdom A&S Officer.

3.       Should the Administrator’s term expire without a replacement
having been sought , then any member of the guild may call for nominations
and, two weeks later, a vote, which shall last a week, the result of which
will be obvious to the mailing list. The result of this vote should be
reported to the Kingdom A&S Officer.

4.        The mailing list for the guild will be published as its official
contact point. The guild will maintain a mailing list on the Lochac server
which will be used for all official communication. For the purposes of
guild administration, the guild’s membership list is the people on its
email list.

5.       The Guild Administrator will ensure that at least three currently
active guild members have moderator access to the guild’s mailing list.
This ensures that someone should always be able to approve new
subscriptions to the list. Guilds may choose to fulfil this requirement by
granting moderator status to local wardens and/or guild masters and/or
guild officers as they see fit, as long as they have at least three
currently active members (including the Guild Administrator) with
moderator status.  This should be noted in their charter and the Guild
Administrator is responsible for ensuring moderator access is given to the
specified people. Any moderator may approve new subscriptions that do not
appear to be spam.  The Guild Administrator remains responsible for
moderating the list and ensuring acceptable conduct thereon. The guild
administrator can contact the Masonry team – to get
moderator access to the mailing list if their predecessor hasn’t arranged

6.       Guilds that have a website should use the Lochac server so that
access can be re-established easily.  Should they host their website
elsewhere, they must ensure that at least three currently active members
know how to access it, even if they cannot actually update it so that
access will not be lost if the main web minister goes missing.

7.       Each guild member is responsible for their own guild paperwork
and should keep copies so they can resubmit should paperwork get lost.

8.            The Kingdom Arts and Sciences officer can offer support with
the guilds when called upon regarding the above amendments.

Yours in Service,

Catalina de Gata, KMoAS Lochac