Entering Competitions

Entering a kingdom A&S competition is easy, and anyone is welcome to! All you need is something you’ve created, and a pen. Your entry can be a physical object, a performance, or even a piece of research!

How to enter

1. Check the competition information, and pick something you’ve made that fits one of the themes

  • There are three themes for each kingdom competition, and at least one of them is always very broad
  • Your entry doesn’t have to be absolutely finished, just finished enough to be judged

2. Make some notes about how you made your entry, why you made it that way, and what you know about the historical items it is based on

  • Two of the five judging criteria are based on documentation, but there is no minimum documentation to enter. If you don’t want to write things down, you don’t have to.
  • For more about documentation, see our page here

3. Bring your entry to the event where the competition is being held

  • You can ask a friend to bring your entry to the event on your behalf, or post it to the A&S coordinator
  • If there are no upcoming events holding competitions, you can ask your local A&S competition to organise judging
  • If you can’t bring your physical entry to be judged, contact the A&S coordinator in advance and ask if it can be judged based on photos

4. Put your entry on the A&S competition table before judging is due to begin

  • This information should be in the timetable, or may have been announced by a herald. If you aren’t sure, look in the main hall

5. Fill out an entry form 

  • If you have documentation to share, you can write it on the form, or attach it on a separate piece of paper 
  • The form will ask you what category you are entering. Pick whatever seems like the best fit out of:
    1. ‘Group’ – More than one person worked on the entry
    2. ‘Youth’ – You are under 18
    3. ‘Beginner’ – You are in your first few years of doing this kind of A&S. (A costuming Laurel’s first woodwork project fits here)
    4. ‘Intermediate’ –  You have 3-5 years experience with this kind of A&S, or you consider yourself somewhere between a beginner and someone experienced
    5. ‘Experienced’ – You have more than 5 years experience with this kind of A&S

Congratulations! You have now successfully entered a kingdom A&S competition. 


What happens next?

Entries are usually displayed throughout the day, and at some stage, at least two judges will evaluate it in comparison to this rubric to decide how many points to give you. They will also provide written feedback, and most judges are happy to discuss their feedback with entrants after the competition. 

At the end of the day, once the A&S Coordinator has written down the results, you can collect your entry and the comment sheets from the judges. The results of each competition ‘season’ are announced in court at the Coronation or Crown Tourney that marks the end of that season, and will be published online after the event. No matter what the final scores are, we hope you have enjoyed the challenge and the opportunity to share your work!