Lochac A&S Competition Forms were modified in November 2023. They replace all previous forms.

The forms are provided for use of Kingdom A&S Competition co-ordinators.
They may also be used by local A&S competition co-ordinators as desired.

Most of these should be printed before the event so they are available on the day. Don’t assume entrants will pre-print their own entry form.

You will need 10-15 copies of the Entry and Scoring & Comments Forms. You will only need one copy of the Results Form. You can also complete the results form online if you have access to the internet on-site.

Kingdom Competition Entrants:

Entrant Form (for entrants to complete)

Youth Entrant Form (for younger entrants to complete)

Competition Co-ordinators:

Judging Report Form (with scoring and feedback; for judges to complete)

Record of Results Form (for co-ordinator to complete). Alternative: Online Results Form