Find Your People

Many of the arts and sciences enjoyed by people in Lochac are possible to do on your own. In fact, many of us spend most of our crafting and research time at home, with only the company of our pets. But we still enjoy reaching out to others who share our interests, to get inspired by each other’s work, to learn and share resources, and to find friends! So here are a few ways to find your A&S community:


Go to local activities

Many SCA groups around Lochac have regular A&S activities, and A&S is often incorporated into events in some form. If you’re not sure what A&S offerings there are in your area, contact your local A&S officer!


Join a guild

Lochac has a formal structure for A&S interest groups called a guild. A number of guilds have been created over the years, covering everything from embroidery to dance. You can read more about the organisation of guilds here, and check out a list of Lochac guilds and guild websites here


Meet up online

The Known World Entertainment Guide is a weekly catalogue of SCA podcasts, online gatherings, and virtual events from around the world. So if you can’t find someone local who’s into your thing, maybe you’ll find them here!


Find a Facebook group

Facebook has become a very popular way for special interest groups in Lochac to stay in touch. The main Facebook group for the kingdom is simply called ‘Lochac, while the primary A&S Facebook group is the ‘Lochac A&S Discussion and Showcase’.

You can find more specific groups, for everything from cheese-making to fletching, by searching Facebook for ‘Lochac’, or by checking out the list pinned to the top of the Lochac A&S Discussion and Showcase group. For an SCA-wide A&S group, try ‘Artisans of the Society for Creative Anachronism’.


Join the conversation on Discord

Discord is a platform that allows both voice and text conversations. Lochac’s Discord server has channels for several A&S interest groups, and some spaces that can be used for classes. If you haven’t used Discord before, check out the quick start guide on the Lochac Masonry website.


Try other social media

SCA Lochac has a presence on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.