Running Surveys to Gauge Interest in A&S Classes: A Guide

The Arts and Sciences are many and varied, and this presents a challenge to officers and stewards who want to organise classes or collegium events that appeal to the members of their group. What topics are people interested in? How advanced is their knowledge? What teachers are available?

A&S officers often decide to run a survey to find out the answers to these questions – a strategy I highly encourage! However, few officers have much prior experience running surveys, and this can make doing so a challenge.

This guide offers some advice on designing effective surveys, advertising them to your group, analysing people’s responses, and communicating your results.

I have also created an example survey with a suggested set of questions. Any officer or event steward is welcome to make a copy and adjust it to their needs. View the example survey at

I wish you all the best of luck in your investigation and decision-making.

Yours in Service,

Gwen verch David

Arts and Sciences survey guide