The following topics have been set for Lochac’s A&S competitions. Further topics will be announced as they are decided.

In general topics follow this schema:

  • Topic 1: Something reasonably specific, to encourage easy ideas and creative tension
  • Topic 2: A technique or concept, to inspire those who follow a particular craft
  • Topic 3: A time & place/culture, as this is often how we talk about and identify our area of interest in A&S and personas in general

Topics are deliberately broad in scope so that the populace can find regular topics for the things they are interested in. Three topics are repeated (14th Century, Norse culture, 16th Century) as the 2016 A&S survey found that the Kingdom was most interested in these areas. They have been set four years in advance to provide time to research and prepare an entry.

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Competition season ends: 12th Night


  1. Engineering
  2. For the home
  3. Rome

Competition season ends: Autumn Crown


  1. For the feet
  2. Parchment & Paper
  3. 14th century

Competition season ends: Midwinter


  1. Written words (poetry, story, saga, etc.)
  2. Leather
  3. Crusades

Competition season ends: Spring Crown


  1. Jewellery
  2. Braided
  3. Norse Culture