The Office of Arts & Sciences allows ‘Documentation Only’ submissions to be submitted for a competition entry.  This will allow for emailing or mailing of documentation and detailed photos of the A&S entry to enable the entry to be counted towards a Kingdom A&S Competition.

The intention of allowing Documentation only Submissions is to increase the exchange of A&S entries between Australia and NZ and to encourage and aid artisans to send entries to distant events within Australia itself.  It is preferable, of course, for the actual entry to be present at the Kingdom event where possible.  

This was previously called “Email Submissions” but after discussion with several A&S Stewards it became clear that printing out someone else’s documentation can become a burden and costly for the A&S Steward. Some A&S stewards may agree to print out your submissions, but if at all possible you should print out your documentation and mail it to the A&S Steward. This will give you control of the presentation and print quality.

Details of Email Submission Rules

  • An entry consists of the emailing or mailing of documentation and detailed photos of the A&S entry in place of a physical entry in certain circumstances (refer below).
  • Entries must be received at least 2 weeks before the event to allow for any necessary correspondence and possible sending of further photos to help with the judging.
  • Email/Documentation only submissions can only be accepted with agreement of a designated A&S Steward (i.e., a deputy of the KMoAS) and KMoAS and therefore may not be possible for every event.
  • Responsibility for ensuring the entry has arrived is up to the entrant and is not the responsibility of the A&S comp steward, the event steward or KMoAS.
  • It will be endeavored to appoint ‘advisory judges’ for the competitions involved. This will be a person (preferably of experience in the area of the competition) and preferably from the appropriate Guild. The Advisory judge will be someone who is able to actually view the entry in detail, write up advisory comments, for the event local judges, and preferably be travelling to the event itself. Advisory judges are also asked to give an impartial description of the piece where possible so that the judges, who are actually viewing the entry, can have a better understanding of how it is made.
  • The actual A&S entry should ‘attend’ the Kingdom event, where possible. Email submissions are to be used only for exceptions and with agreement of the A&S competition steward, for each event, and the current KMoAS. Please note that entrants should endeavor to post their entry, or have someone deliver it. Email/Documentation only submissions should not be used for items which are easily transported or able to be posted.
  • There must be a valid reason for email submission, given to KMoAS and A&S Email Steward with permission granted for submission (to avoid abuse and overuse).