Regulations for Combat Display

The combat display is designed to give non-combatants an opportunity to display their (non-contact) martial skills.  The purpose for the subsequent rule set is to create a place in the SCA where the study, teaching, and (controlled) demonstration of historical combat techniques and practices have a home society-wide.  There has been some question whether historical combat classes and demonstrations belong under the purview of the Marshallate or of the Ministry of Arts and Sciences, and the regulations define the responsibility of the Office of Arts and Sciences.

The main difference to combat (falling under the marshallate) is that the combat display:

  • Must be supported by (at a minimum) research and documentation appropriate to the activity in question, consistent with that expected for any other A&S entry as appropriate to the kingdom in which the activity will occur.  All presentations and demonstrations must consist only of plays, drills, or techniques predefined and agreed upon by all participants before the action in question occurs.  Participants will at all times act and respond in a manner deemed safe and controlled by each other and the Ministry for Arts and Sciences.
  • In presenting, demonstrating, and teaching the historical combat arts neither the teachers, students, or any other participants shall engage in free-assault, sparring, or any form of competitive use of the arts or practice weapons.
  • In the demonstration of movements and techniques, whether as an A&S demonstration / presentation or as part of a historical combat class, teachers and their assistants may employ only such drills, plays, and exercise patterns as are indicative of the art being demonstrated or taught, at only such speed that is prudent, safe and necessary for the drill, play or exercise to be properly and safely employed as determined by the instructor, primary presenter, and / or the Ministry for Arts and Sciences.