Guilds in Lochac


For many years, the guilds of Lochac have been a valuable resource for the Arts and Sciences, providing a wealth of knowledge, instruction and fellowship to artisans; and certainly the standards of work and teaching produced by the guilds reflects the vitality of the Kingdom. The following guidelines have been formulated at the request of the Crown, to protect the active role the guilds play in fostering the Arts.

Guilds in Lochac have a long and prosperous tradition of autonomy, guided by the vision and dedication of their officers and the enthusiasm of their members. It is not the intent of these guidelines to infringe in any way upon guild activity, or to add layers of bureaucracy to hinder enjoyment of the arts. Rather, these guidelines aim to embrace and enhance this organic process as far as possible, to expand the opportunities for guild activity, and offer incentive and assistance to those wishing to form new guilds. The Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister may be called upon for aid and support of guilds if needed or may step in if a guild seems to be in need of aid.

1. Guilds in History and the SCA
2. About Guilds & Guidelines
3. Establishing a Guild
4. Royal Charter
5. Appendix A:
Arras Charter of the Shearers
6. Appendix B:
Listing of Guilds

Upcoming Competitions
at a glance

2015 November Crown

(Shire of Dismal Fogs, NSW)
7th - 8thNov 2015

Beadwork (Open choice.)

Medicine (A medical related item or research on a historical medical topic)

Bookbinding / Papercraft (Making books or paper)

2016 Twelfth Night

(Barony of Southron Gaard, NZ)
14th - 19thJan 2016

Summer Accessories) (Accessories you would use on hot summer days)

Stone Working (Sculpture; stone carving; gem cutting; things made from ground stone)

Things for fun (Period games, toys, dolls used by children and/or grown-ups)

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