It is required that ALL Arts & Sciences Officer report. If your group does not have an Arts & Sciences Officer, then the Seneschal is required to send the current KMoAS a report.

There is a form available to make it easier for you (Appendix 2). The Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister requires you to have your reports as follows (note change in dates):

Baronies and Shires- 4 per year

15th February

15th May

15th August

15th November

Colleges & Cantons – 4 per year

15th January

15th April

15th July

15th October

This allows for time for the Minister to get their report, to Crown, on time. Four reports are not a tough task. These reports don’t have to be detailed, just informative. It is your chance to let the Crown through the Kingdom Report know how your group is doing.

KMoAS reports are due:

28th February

31st May

31st August

30th November

Who Reports to Whom?

Baronies and Shires report directly to the current KMoAS. Subgroups, such as Colleges and Cantons, report to their Baronies. Easy, isn’t it? Colleges may report directly to the KMoAS, but a copy to their Baronial Officer is a good idea.

It is recommended to send a copy to your group Seneschal.

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Local / Baronial A&S Officer Report Form
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Kingdom A&S Competition Forms
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Running & Judging Kingdom A&S Competitions

Upcoming Competitions
at a glance

2015 November Crown

(Shire of Dismal Fogs, NSW)
7th - 8thNov 2015

Beadwork (Open choice.)

Medicine (A medical related item or research on a historical medical topic)

Bookbinding / Papercraft (Making books or paper)

2016 Twelfth Night

(Barony of Southron Gaard, NZ)
14th - 19thJan 2016

Summer Accessories) (Accessories you would use on hot summer days)

Stone Working (Sculpture; stone carving; gem cutting; things made from ground stone)

Things for fun (Period games, toys, dolls used by children and/or grown-ups)

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