Lochac Arts and Sciences Champions

The Arts and Sciences Champion of Lochac is the gentle with the highest accumulated score over a year of Kingdom A&S Competitions from May Crown to Twelfth Night. You do not have to win the competitions to becomes the Arts and Sciences Champion. It is more to encourage people to enter more competitions. The winner of the competition receives a pouch to mark their achievement.

L (2015) Lady Mairi of Kilravok
XLIX (2014) Lady Ydeneye de Baillencourt
XLVIII (2013) Master Crispin Sexi
XLVII (2012) Duenna Catalina de Gata
XLVI (2011) Baroness Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage
XLV (2010) Baroness Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage
XLIV (2009) Baroness Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage
XLIII (2008) Baroness Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage
XLII (2007) Baroness Catherine de Arc
XLI (2006) Baroness Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage
XL (2005) Mistress Tigriana la Joyera
XXXIX (2004) Viscontessa Lucrezia Lorenz
XXXVIII (2003) Master Alex the Potter

Upcoming Competitions
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Midwinter 2016

(College of St Ursula, NSW)
9th - 10thJul 2016

Leather work (an item made from leather which might be useful for a calligrapher &/or an illuminator.)

From the bedroom (any item which might have been used or worn in the mediaevil bedroom.)

From or for a Brewer (aside from the brew itself think of seals, serving, ingredients, measures, labels, containers, stoppers, etc.)

2016 November Crown

(Barony of River Haven)
5th - 6thNov2016

A Weaving Implement) (Heddles, box loom, weaving sword, warp weights, tablets for card waving made from horn, bronze etc.)

Children's Clothing (An item or a full outfit, from any era.)

An item utilising fur (The fur can form the whole item or a part of it i.e. clothing, accessories etc. Faux fur can be used.)

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