When asked why people do not enter A&S Competitions, most often the answer is ‘Because of the Documentation: It’s Scary, too hard, what’s the point?’ Documentation is a very important part of judging an A&S competition. It informs the judges of your methods, your skill level, perhaps something about the art form they do not know or had misconceptions of in the past. Documentation helps a judge grade all the other aspects of an item. The Authenticity, the creative components, the workmanship and just how complex something really is. You need not be a Laurel or an Academic to write useful documentation, that will not only score you some extra points, but help with points in the other categories as well. Below are some helpful links to guide you with writing your Documentation.

A&S Questionnaire

This very helpful questionnaire was written by Antonia di Lorenzo from Stormhold. She found it helped even the most nervous write up documentation for their projects.
A&S Questionnaire

Upcoming Competitions
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Midwinter 2016

(College of St Ursula, NSW)
9th - 10thJul 2016

Leather work (an item made from leather which might be useful for a calligrapher &/or an illuminator.)

From the bedroom (any item which might have been used or worn in the mediaevil bedroom.)

From or for a Brewer (aside from the brew itself think of seals, serving, ingredients, measures, labels, containers, stoppers, etc.)

2016 November Crown

(Barony of River Haven)
5th - 6thNov2016

A Weaving Implement) (Heddles, box loom, weaving sword, warp weights, tablets for card waving made from horn, bronze etc.)

Children's Clothing (An item or a full outfit, from any era.)

An item utilising fur (The fur can form the whole item or a part of it i.e. clothing, accessories etc. Faux fur can be used.)

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