Entering Competitions

The competitions are open to any gentle in Lochac.  Although the preparation of an item may take a bit of time, actually entering the competition is quick and easy (and only a pen is required) In general, the procedure is as follows::

  • Complete the Entry Form before or at the event and provide the item to be entered, the entry form and any documentation to the A&S Steward running the competition. Forms can be found here.
  • A herald will announce that entries for the A&S Competitions must be brought to a specific area by a specific time.
  • The A&S Steward should be available to hand out entry forms and to collect entries for display.
  • The entries will be displayed with an entry number while the items are being judged.
  • Judges will be arranged either prior to, or at, the event.  There should be 3 judges for each category.
  • Once judging is finished, the entrant’s name will be displayed with their item for a further period.  This will enable the A&S Steward to collate the scores on to the A&S Competition form for submission to the KMOAS.
  • A herald will announce that all A&S Entries may be collected.  Each entrant is responsible for collecting their entry form the designated A&S area.  Each item entered must be returned with the score and comment sheet.

Some categories may be eligible for email submission (please contact the KMoAS) for all email submissions.

If you would like more information on how an entry may be considered, have a look at the Judging Guidelines.

And now, for the REWARDS … OR

What the PRIZES look like …..

Category Winner   The top two entries from each category for the Kingdom A&S competition shall be awarded a token.  The token is an A&S Bell, threaded with ribbons of red, blue and white, to represent the colours of Lochac.  First place gets a gold bell, second gets a silver bell.

A&S Event Champion  receives a silver hawk bell on three thin white ribbons.

A&S Bells
A&S Champion Pouch

Annual Kingdom A&S Champion  will receive an embroidered pouch:  Azure, a candle enflamed within an arch stooped surrounded by 4 mullets of six points argent.  (3 gold hawk bells attached at the bottom.)  The year of the Championship won is embroidered on the back.  A new pouch shall be made for each Champion to keep.

If you are interested in making upcoming Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion pouches, please note that it should be both documentable and of a type used in the SCA period (refer to A&S Handbook).  it is hoped that several different styles of pouches can be made in advance, allowing an A&S Champion to choose a pouch more appropriate for their persona.  If you are interested in making a pouch, please contact the KMoAS.

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