Rowany Festival A&S competition results

There were three A&S competitions held at the 2017 Rowany Festival for food, brewing and costuming. Here are the results: The Capsule Wardrobe contest Beginners category, with a point between them: 1st: Mildryth Thomaswyf for an Anglo Saxon 2nd: Lady Blanca Gutierez de Avila for 1480s Castile Intermediate: Lady Gwen verch David for 13th Century… Continue reading »

12th Night’s A&S competitions and open display

12th Night’s A&S competitions and open display

Three Kingdom A&S competitions were held at 12th Night Coronation in Politarchopolis last Saturday. The winners were: Category: Heads, Hands and Feet Entries: 12. 3 places were announced in this category due to the number of entrants. Winner: THL Honore Corbaut 2nd place: Lady Anushka Medvedchikova 3rd place: Lady Euphemia de Niccolo Ziani Category: Nautical Entries: 2 Winner:… Continue reading »

Feedback in person – testing a new idea for Kingdom comps

Following various conversations I’ve had in the last 6 months, as well as a quick perusal of the survey results[1], it seems that the primary motivation people have for entering Kingdom Competitions is to get feedback on their work. Kingdom competitions have traditionally had a hand-lengths anonymous entries and judging culture, which is not doing any of… Continue reading »

Encouraging Arts and Sciences at Your Events – A Steward’s Guide

There is a strong A&S community in Lochac, and they will often look for ways to engage in A&S at events and meet with other artisans. This page is a guide to help you think about how to incorporate A&S into your event. The primary thing you should consider when incorporating A&S into your event… Continue reading »