All Arts & Sciences Officers are required to report. If your group does not have an Arts & Sciences Officer, then the Seneschal reports to the relevant officer instead.

Baronies and Shires send reports to the KMoAS AND their Seneschal. Cantons and Colleges send reports to their Baronial A&S officer, who adds those reports to their overall group report, and to their Seneschal. Cantons and colleges can choose to copy in the KMoAS if they like, but it’s not mandatory.

Reports are sent by email. You are encouraged to post your report to the A&S officers mailing list, so that others can learn from your group and vice versa. Most content in group A&S reports isn’t confidential. If there are confidential elements you can send these to the KMoAS separately. You should always receive a response to your report from the KMoAS.

Reporting Dates

Baronies and Shires

  • 15th February
  • 15th May
  • 15th August
  • 15th November

Colleges & Cantons

  • 15th January
  • 15th April
  • 15th July
  • 15th October

If you know you won’t meet the reporting date, then contact the KMoAS, as an extension should be possible.

Report Format

There is no set format for A&S reports, as each group is different, some groups write a couple of paragraphs in an email, others have a word template they fill in each quarter. You work out what works best for you.

Your report could cover:

  • Generally how A&S is going in the group
  • Group A&S activities over the quarter
  • Any awards (e.g. group A&S champion) or competitions
  • Any worries you have or issues you are facing
  • Any area of A&S you want advice on

Reports don’t have to be detailed, just informative.

Missing a report

If you miss a report, the KMoAS will contact you with a friendly reminder. If you don’t respond or continue to not report, the KMoAS will check-in with you and your Group’s Seneschal. You may then be suspended as Arts & Sciences Officer depending on the response to this email. In the case of minimum report requirements not being fulfilled, the KMoAS must inform the Kingdom Seneschal.

If you have extenuating circumstances, please let the current KMoAS know ASAP, as this is taken into consideration.

Reporting is a requirement of the role. If you miss reports you may be suspended from your office. If you are a Baronial officer this may put your group into abeyance.