The following roles are Lochac Kingdom A&S officers. They co-ordinate A&S efforts and projects in Lochac

Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (KMoAS)

The Kingdom Minister is responsible for ensuring that Kingdom Law as it pertains to A&S responsibilities is followed. Primary responsibilities include appointing local A&S officers, co-ordinating quarterly reports and ensuring Kingdom Competitions are held. Other responsibilities include promotion of the arts and sciences across Lochac, representation of the needs of the A&S community to the Crown.

Current Office holder: Mistress Victoria Thrakeses, OL


Deputies are appointed by the Kingdom Minister to suit the needs of the Kingdom and the individual office holder. They are not proscribed in law. Deputies may serve for the term of the KMoAS, or longer where necessary. Ideally no deputy serves for longer than 3 or 4 years.

The following Deputies are currently recognised:

  1. Guilds
  2. Competition Co-ordination
  3. Cockatrice Editor
  4. Laurels Liaison

Descriptions of each of these deputies, and the current office holder follows:


The Deputy for Guilds oversees the administration and reporting for the various Guilds in Lochac, as well as acting an advisor or mediator if necessary. They are available to answer practical questions on the creation of a new guild. The Deputy for Guilds should ideally have served as a Guild master or mistress of a Guild of Lochac.

Current Office holder: Master Rurik Farsekr, OL

Competition Co-ordination

The competition co-ordination deputy ensures that Kingdom competitions are run smoothly.

Current Office holder: Vacant

Cockatrice Editor

The Cockatrice Editor is responsible for co-ordinating the production and publication of the Kingdom’s quarterly A&S magazine.

This page sets out the editor’s tasks

Current Office holder: Lady Gwen verch David

Laurel Liaison

The Laurel Liaison is a member of the Order of the Laurel who agrees to work with the KMoAS to co-ordinate any work that needs input from the Laurel Council. This includes competition categories and judging, and any issues that are raised through the Order, or through group A&S reports.

Current Office holder: Vacant, as KMoAS is a member of the Order