By   8 November, 2016

With thanks to Lady Juliana de Northwood for the following announcement:

This past weekend was held the November Crown Tournament in the beautiful and somewhat overheated Barony of Riverhaven.  Alongside the glorious combat happening in the lists, the traditional Kingdom A&S Competition was held in the equally hot hall.

Thanks to the heat and a slightly mushy brain, I managed to muddle the announcements during court.  So, practice makes perfect, plus a bit of careful double checking, the correct results are as follows:

Item with fur

7 Entries

Winner (Equal First)

Sir John Dai of the Lane – Fishing Flies with Fur

Mistress Yolande Kesteven – Fur lined Muff

Runner Up: Mistress Glynhwyvar of Riverhaven – Fur lined hat

A children’s item of clothing

3 entries

Winner: Mistress Rachel le Ressignol – Traditional Chinese Outfit

Runner Up: Lady Mairi Kilanarock – Sideless Surcote

Weaving Implement

2 entries

Winner: Mistress Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage – Loom Weights

Runner Up: Lady Mairi Kilanarock – Leather tablet weaving cards

Event Mask Competition

There was also a mask competition held on the day for which I was requested to announce and hand over an unadorned bell.

Winner: Mistress Katherine Alisha of Salisbury.

The Stewards, Mistress Clara and myself would like to thank all those who submitted an entry, those who carried or printed items; the 6 judges who donated their time, and the Crown for allowing us to announce the winners in court. 

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