By   26 March, 2022

Competition results from Autumn Crown A.S. 56

Good gentles, I bring you the results of the Arts & Sciences Competition at Autumn Crown Tourney!

There were no less than eighteen entries in this competition, twelve of them to be judged in person, and our judges laboured mightily to see them all given the consideration they merited. Indeed, they finished judging the final entry as court was in progress! Therefore…

I call for three cheers for the judges and coordinators!

A&S Judging Pavilion at Autumn Crown

At the event itself, the coordinator was Lady Kathelyne Berghart, and the judges who gave of their time so generously were Viscountess Huguete de Saint Germain, Mistress Miriam bat Shimeon, Mistress Honore Corbaut, Master Henry Fox, Mistress Acacia de Navarra, Lady Euphemia de Niccolo Ziani, Lord Robin of Twyford, Lady Grete Engelhardtz, and Lady Iglesia Delamere.

Our six other entries were judged in advance, five in Innilgard, coordinated by Lady Odette of Blessed Herman, and one in Rowany, organised by Lady Katerina Cuylter of Lancaster.

Therefore, I also extend my thanks to the judges who assisted them: Mistress Fionn O’Mara, Mistress Viktoria Thrakesina, Mistress Filippa Ginerva Francesca di Lucignano, Baroness Aeschine of Arran, Lady Angharad Gam, Lady Curie Estelle, and a ‘William’ of Innilgard, who I have no byname for but thank nonetheless.


I call for three cheers for the winners of gold and silver bells!

In the Experienced category, the golden bell went to Master Crispin Sexi, for his composition ‘Novello’ in the theme ‘Musical’. His full entry, including MIDI files, is available at

The silver bell went to Dom the Piper, for his composition ‘The Pipes are Calling Innilgard’, also for the theme ‘Musical’.

Period-style representation of Crispin Sexi’s ‘Novello’, created after the competition in response to judges’ feedback.

In the Intermediate category, the golden bell went to Lady Aliette le Lievre, for her composition ‘A Piva for Lute’, in the theme ‘Musical’.

Due to some slight confusion (but without being at all undeserved), a golden bell ALSO went to Lord Gerard de Rhodes for his leather water bottle, in the theme ’16th century’.

A silver bell went to Lord Dytryk Lehrer, for a conserve of oranges, in the theme ’16th century’.


In the Beginner category, the golden bell went to Viscountess Keridwen the Mouse, for her composition ‘A Country Dance for Six Recorders’, in the theme ‘Musical’. Download MIDI file.

The silver bell went to Jasper Scarlet, for his composition ‘Libera Me’, in the theme ‘Musical’. (It should be noted that Jasper is 15, and elected to enter the general beginners category rather than the youth category.) Download MIDI file.


I call for three cheers for all other entrants!

In the Intermediate category:

  • Lady Catherine Redewell, with her composition, a Cantiga d’Amigo. (Download MIDI file.)
  • Lady Euphemia di Niccolo Ziani, with 16th century pouches
  • Lady Nicola de Coventre, with a Tudor kirtle
  • Lady Eurgain of Whitby, with a Tudor feast menu
  • Lady Nesta verch Wyn, with a painted platter for the ‘Islamic art’ category


In the Beginners category:

  • Lady Zofia Varsoviensis, for her zupan (a 16th century Eastern European men’s coat)
  • Lady Shinjo Takame, with a 16th century Japanese patchwork court robe
  • Baroness Ginevra Lucia di Namoraza, with glass beads for the ‘Islamic art’ category
  • Lady Kathelyne Berghart, with tiles for the ‘Islamic art’ category
  • Lord Dytryk Lehrer, with an excerpt from the Quran in Islamic calligraphy
  • Lord Dytryk Lehrer, with a wooden crotalum (a percussion instrument)

I would personally invite and encourage all entrants to consider sending photos of their work (and any accompanying documentation) to so that they may be published in Cockatrice, and seen by the whole populace.


I call for three cheers for the artisans of Lochac!

At our Crown Tourney, we saw the skill of our artists and craftspeople, the generosity and expertise of those who judged, and the enthusiasm of all.

We also saw the arts displayed beyond the competition table, in armour, clothing, banners, crowns, scrolls, and excellent hats.

For all these things, three cheers!