By   10 November, 2016

Announcement from Aeron, Secretary of the Guild of the Silver Rondel

As is the annual tradition of the Guild of the Silver Rondel, several competitions were held at the Bal’dArgent, this year in Ildhafn on November 5 just passed.

The victors in these competitions were:

Non-Rondel: (for newer dancers)
Adrian of Ildhafn, for the Maltese Bransle danced in two different versions.

Silver Serif: (dance-contest for guild members, judged over three dances)
William de Cameron and Enith verch Gwylim tied for technique and artistry scores, dancing Amoroso, Voltate in Ça Rosina, and Parson’s Farewell

Sympkyn of the Moor, Enith verch Gwylim, William de Cameron and Katherine of Glastonbury dancing Rufty Tufty. This was a close competition, and this quartet only gained the edge over their competitors after a double-time performance danced with hats over the gentlemen’s eyes…

Music: (because musicians and dancers are equally important)
Elizabeth Braithwayte, Elena Harper and Juliana Morosini played an excellent rendition of Gelosia. This competition was originally planned to involve each musician playing a solo verse, but the musicians present decided that being able to play together in consort was more important than the ability to compete, and that requiring a solo was not fair to players of instruments less suited to the written melody line. The assembled company declared this valid, so all three players were deemed winners this year, and the Guild will endeavor to find a better means of recognising the skills of our musicians next year.

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