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Entering Crown? Need some documentation guidance?

By   25 March, 2017

With the recent announcement from the Crown that entry to May Crown Tournament will require both entrants to have participated in some form of A&S during the reign, we’ve taken the time to update the page on Documentation for A&S in Lochac.

From the a section of a recent announcement by the Crown of Lochac: Ariston and Lilavati, Basileus kai Basilissa

“Entry requirements for Crown Tournament

We have one special requirement of each entrant (whether fighter or consort) into this tournament.

In the Iliad, the poet exalts two qualities of man above all: Arete (excellence), and Techne (knowledge and skills). Both qualities are essential pillars of our Society. Crown Tournaments exist as tests of the Arete of the entrants, but We would have Our successors also display some commitment to Techne, as this pillar is no less essential to the Kingdom’s flourishing.

As such, it is Our requirement for entrants into May Crown AS LII is that for each pair of entrants, both parties must have made an entry in an Arts and Sciences display or competition, or taught a class in the Arts and Sciences, during Our reign. Such entries may be in any field, from any time or culture before 1600CE, and while we will expect some documentation, there is no minimum ‘standard’ of entry required. We merely ask that entrants make a sincere effort to produce something of which they can be proud, which reflects their interests and passions in the Society.

Examples of competitions and displays that would fulfil these criteria include:

– Arts and Sciences competitions or displays organised at local events,
– Guild competitions or displays,
– Arts and Sciences displays at larger events such as Laurel Prize at Rowany Festival,
– Arts and Sciences competitions at Crown Progress events,
– Documentable performances of period arts as part of an event – for example, performing a period piece at a Bardic circle, or cooking and documenting period food for an event.

Classes taught at events to fulfil these criteria must:

– be open to any who wish to attend (i.e. they may not be private classes)
– include some documentation of period (pre-1600CE) content, materials, or approaches involved in the class.

The Crown will expect each pair entering Crown Tournament to provide evidence and testimony of their works, in order to be accepted onto the lists.

This evidence shall be in the form of a copy of the documentation used, a short summary of the context of the competition, display or class (where and when did you do this; who was the audience?), a brief (~100 words) summary of what the entrant was trying to achieve, demonstrate, or share. It should be presented at May Crown, before invocation court.

To ensure that entrants are not restricted by any specific entrance requirements of the Arts and Sciences displays and competitions to which they have access, there will be an open-entry Arts and Sciences display at May Crown itself, and entries in this display will count towards the fulfilment of the tournament’s entry requirements. Entries at this stage which are less suited to a conventional display (such as performances) may be discussed with the Crown by contacting them directly.”

Hopefully this will give you some guidance if you are planning to enter May Crown. You might also want to check our page on “Participating in A&S” for some ideas on how to meet this requirement.