By   22 December, 2016

Greetings Lochac, you asked and we delivered: Kingdom competition categories two years in advance.

These are currently under consultation with the Kingdom’s A&S and guild officers, so may be slightly amended. If you have any comments then please email Mistress Clara, Kingdom Minister for Arts & Sciences.

Update: Midwinter and November Crown categories have now been confirmed

Proposed Competition Categories

Event Place Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3
Midwinter 2017 Cluain Made from wood Molded From the 14th century
November Crown 2017  ?? Inspired by bees Armour From Norse culture
12th Night 2018  ?? A saga. Painted Science
May Crown 2018  ?? Item for an archer Smellable Mediterranean cultures
Midwinter 2018  ?? item intended for pilgrimage/travel Foraged German
November Crown 2018  ?? Cheese & Dairy Forged From the 16th century
12th Night 2019  ?? A map or other cartographic item Woven From the Middle east

7 Comments on “Consultation: 2 years of competition categories

  1. Jeneur le Geline

    There is getting to be more interest in Baltic cultures. Maybe switch Cat 3 November Crown 2017 to Norse and Baltic with a time range.

    1. aands Post author

      Great idea, thanks for contributing Jeneur. Given I’m not a Norse/Baltic person, what’s the common time range of interest?

      1. Alonya J Cullinan

        Mediterranean Cultures is great. However, what are you looking for? This is so broad that while I have some ideas, I have no idea where to start? Song, Dance, Saga, feasting item? What would you like to see come out of this category?

        Broadness for the 14th & 16th Century. Huzzah! Are there any plans to open up the rest of the early middle ages into a more broad category? We generally don’t see a whole lot of 11th – 13th Century happening. There is a ton of 14th-16thC going on, so may be switching out the 16thC to the 11th or 12thC? I would love to have a crack at something from that time period.

        1. aands Post author

          Hi Alonya, thanks for the thoughts. The broad categories are directly based on results of “what are you interested in” from the Kingdom survey. There were very few people who answered with 11th or 12th. When proposing these comp categories I am trying to address the commonly reported reason people don’t enter competitions: “I’ll enter if it aligns with something I am already making”, so I went to the Kingdom survey and looked at the most common groupings of time and/or place. You are right, there are a bunch of people who do 16th century. But interestingly almost as many do 14th century and some form of norse/rus, with a small group focused on eastern cultures.

          What would I like to see come out of this category: personally, whatever someone is interested in exploring, to encourage more entries and thus more visibility and renown for our artisans. More practically we may constrain it through the description text, perhaps “an item” rather than “a performance” mostly due to venue and event constraints.

      2. Jeneur le Geline

        A definition of the Viking era is ca. 793 – 1066 C.E, I guess 8th to 11th Century C.E. would work.
        Sorry for the late reply, I don’t know why I didn’t see your question it on previous checks.

  2. Christine Lawrie (Leoba of Lecelade)

    Re: the Mediterranean Culture – I REALLY love this style of category, however I agree “Mediterranean Culture” is too broad – it encompasses too many differing cultures over too long a timeframe and as someone with a known knowledge of Republican and Imperial Roman crafts and culture I would run screaming from being a judge for this category.

    You definitely need to put some constraints on this – a limit on timeframe AND geography. For instance, “Imperial Rome” gives you a definite time limit but still gives people scope to explore cooking, pottery, glasswork etc and gives the ability for contestants to draw from a range of different places. Or “Pre-Roman Mediterranean.”

    If you are going to go into the more common SCA timeframe I think you need to limit it to a specific country. If you’re talking about early medieval Spain, for instance, you have something quite different to Italy in the same period.

    1. Rachel Vess

      Is the early spain v early italy thing a problem being very different? Fankly anything Spanish is going to have an odd twist to the rest of Europe given the various occupations. I love the broad Mediterranean culture idea. (Though it didn’t make me think of Iberian culture but if that is included hurrah)

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