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Consultation: 2 years of competition categories

By   22 December, 2016

Greetings Lochac, you asked and we delivered: Kingdom competition categories two years in advance.

These are currently under consultation with the Kingdom’s A&S and guild officers, so may be slightly amended. If you have any comments then please email Mistress Clara, Kingdom Minister for Arts & Sciences.

Update: Midwinter and November Crown categories have now been confirmed

Proposed Competition Categories

Event Place Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3
Midwinter 2017 Cluain Made from wood Molded From the 14th century
November Crown 2017  ?? Inspired by bees Armour From Norse culture
12th Night 2018  ?? A saga. Painted Science
May Crown 2018  ?? Item for an archer Smellable Mediterranean cultures
Midwinter 2018  ?? item intended for pilgrimage/travel Foraged German
November Crown 2018  ?? Cheese & Dairy Forged From the 16th century
12th Night 2019  ?? A map or other cartographic item Woven From the Middle east