The Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competitions are held at each Crown and Coronation event.  These are:

  • May Crown
  • July (Midwinter) Coronation
  • November Crown
  • Twelfth Night Coronation (January)

There are 3 categories of competition set for reach event.  These are set by the KMoAS and must be advertised in Pegasus and listed on the A&S Officers website.  There is no minimum entry for a competition to go ahead.

Entry forms and Judging criteria forms are found in Appendix 3.  Entry form and Judging forms are to be returned to the KMoAS within two weeks of the event.  A short report on the competition is also desirable.  It is recommended that the Officer in Cahrge nominate times, at the event, for closing of entries, for competition judging and a few hours for entrants to have the possibility to talk to judges about their entries.  The Crown will need to be informed of the winner, so they can present the prizes at Court, if they so wish.

A competition has no minimum entries.  Entry forms and Judges comment forms are found in Appendix 2.  Entry forms and Judging forms are to be returned to the KMoAS within two (2) weeks of the event.  A short report on the competition is also desirable.

Winners of Kingdom Competitions:

Winners of the Kingdom Arts & Sciences competitions receive a Kingdom A&S bell.

The bell is 1.5cm diamater hawk (closed) bell, with three thin ribbons threaded through the bell – red, white, blue

1st prize receives a gold bell, 2nd prize is a silver bell


Organizing the Competition:

If the KMoAS cannot attend the event, they must inform the appropriate Local or Baronial Arts & Sciences Officer, as soon as possible.  The Local or Baronial Arts & Sciences Officer is responsible to organise and run, or to deputise someone to run the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition, if the KMoAS cannot attend.  It is the responsibility of the KMoAS to ensure that this is done, and to help the Local or Baronial Arts & Sciences Officer, as far as possible

The organiser (KMoAS or local A&S Officer) must organise appropriate judges.  It is preferred that 3 different judges are found for each category (9 judges in total), but if that is not possible, a mimumum of 2 judges per category, from a pool of at least 5 judges will be acceptable.

1. Home
2. Acknowledgements
3. Introduction
4. Regalia & Heraldry
5. Requirements for Group Officers
6. Requirements of Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences
7. Applying for Kingdom Minster of Arts & Sciences Position
8. Choosing a Local Arts & Sciences Officers Successor
9. Who is Required to have an Arts & Sciences Officer?
10. Reporting: When and To Who?
11. Suspension / Removal of Officers
12. Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competitions
13. Miscellaneous Kingdom Level Competitions
14. Lochac Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship
15. Lochac’s Guilds, Companies & Colleges
16. About Guilds and Guild Guidelines
17. Recommendations & Awards
18. Contacting arts & Sciences
19. Appendix 1:
Guild Guidelines for the Kingdom of Lochac
20. Appendix 2:
Local / Baronial A&S Officer Report Form
21. Appendix 3:
Kingdom A&S Competition Forms
22. Appendix 4:
Running & Judging Kingdom A&S Competitions

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