Local Arts & Sciences Officers are chosen by the KMoAS, as per the Lochac Procedures Manual (5.3.2). Upcoming vacancy of a Barony’s Arts & Sciences Officer must be advertised at least 2 months prior to the expected changeover date, preferably in the Baronial newsletter.

Applications must be advertised to be sent to the KMoAS, Baronial Seneschal, and Baron & Baroness. The KMoAS chooses the A&S Officer based ont eh applications and with consultation of the Seneschal, Baron & Baroness and the current A&S Officer. The KMoAS then should advise the Baronial Seneschal of the successful applicant. This is then advertised by the Baronial Seneschal at least 2 weeks before the Office is due to changeover. This is to allow for any objections to be made to the KMoAS. Wording of this announcement can be found in the Lochac Procedures Manual (5.3.2).


When there is no Baron or Baroness, recommendations for success come from the Group Seneschal and outgoing Officer. The procedure remains as above.


The Canton A&S Officer is chosen by the Baronial A&S Officer to which they report.


A&S Officers of Colleges are chosen by the College

In all cases, a letter of introduction (as outlined above) is then sent to the KMoAS, who organises a Warrant. Warrants must be received within 2 weeks of appointment of a new A&S Officer. Officers without Warrants will be deemed as Acting. In the case of a Barony, this could cause the group to be in abeyance.

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Guild Guidelines for the Kingdom of Lochac
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Local / Baronial A&S Officer Report Form
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Kingdom A&S Competition Forms
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Running & Judging Kingdom A&S Competitions