Being Arts & Sciences Officer is not just fun, it is a service to your group in the SCA. There are certain requirements and regulations that you must abide by, to keep our King and Queen, Laurels and the KMoAS informed about what is occurring in Lochac. All Baronies in Lochac are required to have an Arts Sciences Officer as part of their retinue.

As a Local or Baronial Arts & Sciences Officer you are required to:

  • be a current, paid member of the SCA
  • be over 18 years of age
  • to be warranted (2 years, with max. 4 years, in exceptional circumstances)
  • to send reports to the KMoAS (if a Barony or Shire) or your Local upline (if college or canton), by the date required. Forms are available to make this easy. Reports do not have to be long
  • run or organise someone to run the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competitions, if the Kingdom Coronation or Crown Tourney is being held in your group, and the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister can not attend the event. Please contact the current KMoAS for details on this. (See also Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competitions Appendix.)
  • to be on the ASofficers mailing list, if you have email. This will facilitate communication between local Officers and the KMoAS.
  • If you do not comply with the above, you can be suspended from your Office. In the case of a Barony, this could put it in abeyance. So as Local or Baronial Arts & Science Officer, you are responsible for ensuring you do the above.

As a Local or Baronial Arts & Sciences Officer, it is recommended you:

  • ask the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister for help, if you need it
  • encourage or organise arts & Sciences competitions and workshops, in your group
  • get report from workshops and events that hold an Arts & Sciences competition. This makes life much easier when reporting
  • advertise for a successor 18 months after you take over. This gives you 6 months to find one
  • have other deputies, as required, to help with your duties.
1. Hand Book Home
2. Acknowledgements
3. Introduction
4. Regalia & Heraldry
5. Requirements for Group Officers
6. Requirements of Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences
7. Applying for Kingdom Minster of Arts & Sciences Position
8. Choosing a Local Arts & Sciences Officers Successor
9. Who is Required to have an Arts & Sciences Officer?
10. Reporting: When and To Who?
11. Suspension / Removal of Officers
12. Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competitions
13. Miscellaneous Kingdom Level Competitions
14. Lochac Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship
15. Lochac’s Guilds, Companies & Colleges
16. About Guilds and Guild Guidelines
17. Recommendations & Awards
18. Contacting arts & Sciences
19. Appendix 1:
Guild Guidelines for the Kingdom of Lochac
20. Appendix 2:
Local / Baronial A&S Officer Report Form
21. Appendix 3:
Kingdom A&S Competition Forms
22. Appendix 4:
Running & Judging Kingdom A&S Competitions