The position of KMoAS must be advertised in Pegasus a minimum of 6 months before changeover of Office is due.  Though the Kingdom Deputy is often chosen as successor, the current Deputy must apply for the position if they wish to be considered.  The KMoAS successor is chosen by the Crown and Society A&S Officer, in consultation with the Kingdom Seneschal.  The successful applicant must be a member of the SCA.
Advertising for a Kingdom Deputy should b done within 6 months of taking Office.  Applications are to be sent to the KMoAS.

1. Hand Book Home
2. Acknowledgements
3. Introduction
4. Regalia & Heraldry
5. Requirements for Group Officers
6. Requirements of Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences
7. Applying for Kingdom Minster of Arts & Sciences Position
8. Choosing a Local Arts & Sciences Officers Successor
9. Who is Required to have an Arts & Sciences Officer?
10. Reporting: When and To Who?
11. Suspension / Removal of Officers
12. Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competitions
13. Miscellaneous Kingdom Level Competitions
14. Lochac Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship
15. Lochac’s Guilds, Companies & Colleges
16. About Guilds and Guild Guidelines
17. Recommendations & Awards
18. Contacting arts & Sciences
19. Appendix 1:
Guild Guidelines for the Kingdom of Lochac
20. Appendix 2:
Local / Baronial A&S Officer Report Form
21. Appendix 3:
Kingdom A&S Competition Forms
22. Appendix 4:
Running & Judging Kingdom A&S Competitions