Officers must report.

KMoAS, Local or Baronial Arts & Sciences Officer may be suspended if:

  • failing to perform duties
  • failing to report

The Deputy will perform the Officers duties for the duration of the Crown’s reign.  The Seneschal will perform these duties if there is no arts & Sciences Deputy.  (From the Laws of Lochac.)

Officer may be removed or suspended if:

  • 1 Quarterly report is missed (Barony)
  • 2 Quarterly reports are missed (Shire)
  • 3 Quarterly reports are missed (Canton / College)
  • Unethical conduct
  • Not performing your duties

Kingdom arts & Sciences Minister can be removed if:

  • 1 Quarterly report is missed
  • Annual Finance Report is not received by Kingdom Exchequer
  • Sufficient evidence that an Officer is not fulfilling the duties of that Office, the Crown and the Seneschal may remove and replace that Officer
  • Unethical conduct


If you miss a report, the KMoAS will usually contact you with a friendly reminder and ask you to get it to him / her within the week. If you miss this report, the KMoAS is required to inform you and your Group’s Seneschal. The Seneschal is then asked to send a report, if you do not. If no report is received, you may be suspended as Arts & Sciences Officer. In the case of minimum report requirements not being fulfilled, the KMoAS must inform the Kingdom Seneschal and he / she will take over from there. In the case of a Barony, this may put your Group into abeyance.

If you have extenuating circumstances, please let the current KMoAS know ASAP, as this is taken into consideration.

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10. Reporting: When and To Who?
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Guild Guidelines for the Kingdom of Lochac
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Local / Baronial A&S Officer Report Form
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Kingdom A&S Competition Forms
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Running & Judging Kingdom A&S Competitions