About Guilds and Guild Guidelines

Official Guilds are recognised Guilds within the Kingdom of Lochac.  Some are sanctioned by and granted a Charter, by the Crown, as is the Royal Guild of Defence.  If you wish to become an Official Guild, contact the KMoAS, for requirements and for forwarding recommendations and Petitions to Crown for Royal Guild status.

In the first year of the Kingdom, Their Royal Majesties expressed a desire to have Officially Sanctioned Royal Guilds within the Kingdom of Lochac.  The Guild Guidelines help in the running and formation of new guilds and provide guidelines for those Guilds wishing to become Royal Guilds.

The KMoAS is required to keep track of the Guilds within our Kingdom.  It is strongly recommended that the current KMoAS appoint a Guild Deputy as a liaison to the Guilds, to keep a list of Common Guilds, current Officers, start dates and pass on Guild reports to the KMoAS.  These reports will be incorporated into the Twelfth Night report to Crown.

(See Appendix 1: Guild Guidelines)

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2. Acknowledgements
3. Introduction
4. Regalia & Heraldry
5. Requirements for Group Officers
6. Requirements of Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences
7. Applying for Kingdom Minster of Arts & Sciences Position
8. Choosing a Local Arts & Sciences Officers Successor
9. Who is Required to have an Arts & Sciences Officer?
10. Reporting: When and To Who?
11. Suspension / Removal of Officers
12. Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competitions
13. Miscellaneous Kingdom Level Competitions
14. Lochac Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship
15. Lochac’s Guilds, Companies & Colleges
16. About Guilds and Guild Guidelines
17. Recommendations & Awards
18. Contacting arts & Sciences
19. Appendix 1:
Guild Guidelines for the Kingdom of Lochac
20. Appendix 2:
Local / Baronial A&S Officer Report Form
21. Appendix 3:
Kingdom A&S Competition Forms
22. Appendix 4:
Running & Judging Kingdom A&S Competitions

Upcoming Competitions
at a glance

Midwinter 2016

(College of St Ursula, NSW)
9th - 10thJul 2016

Leather work (an item made from leather which might be useful for a calligrapher &/or an illuminator.)

From the bedroom (any item which might have been used or worn in the mediaevil bedroom.)

From or for a Brewer (aside from the brew itself think of seals, serving, ingredients, measures, labels, containers, stoppers, etc.)

2016 November Crown

(Barony of River Haven)
5th - 6thNov2016

A Weaving Implement) (Heddles, box loom, weaving sword, warp weights, tablets for card waving made from horn, bronze etc.)

Children's Clothing (An item or a full outfit, from any era.)

An item utilising fur (The fur can form the whole item or a part of it i.e. clothing, accessories etc. Faux fur can be used.)

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